Sets, props and models for film and television.

Sion Lane Workshops is a Set, Prop and Model making workshop based in Clifton, Bristol. We make stuff, sometimes we design it and sometimes we develop peoples ideas. This year we’ve posted penguin cameras to Peru and sent seals to South Africa. We’ve re-created Brixton in plasticine and made the moon on a stick (twice!).

Big or small, we love making things and are always up for a challenge. Our clients include animation companies, ad agencies, photographers, museums, artists and event organisers. Whether your concepts are on the back of an envelope or all drawn up and ready to go we’re here to bring them to life.

Latest Work

Nike Set
Reggae Sauce
Funcheez Commercial aeroplane

From the Blog

Wallace and Gromit set for Aardman Animation.
Upfest bugs
Swedbank Commercial