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Workshop panorama.

A while ago Jon Davey made a great 3d panorama of the workshop, we look older now. View it and loads more here.

E4 Stings.

A few years ago we built sets for some E4 stings directed by Noah Harris with Hothead films, they won some awards and are still on telly.

Doritos living room.

A while ago now but we haven’t updated our site for years so too bad. The Doritos people decided that they needed to make a really big living room on Potters Fields next to Tower Bridge. Drive productions commissioned us to make some big mugs of tea and a remote control, very nice they were [...]

Harrisons Rocks mould making.

Whilst working on a recent feature film for Armordillo Ltd., we had the chance to cover some of the country’s most famous, delicate, water worn sandstone climbing cliffs with silicone and fibre glass. We got it all off and left not a trace. The result was a series of enormous silicone moulds which were used [...]

Fscs commercial